What we do…

At Perpetuum, we synthesize on-board real time data and metrics into high level dashboards and alerts to highlight trends and enable maintenance engineers, managers and executives to monitor the operational performance of their rolling stock and linear assets and make the most informed operational and strategic decisions when needed.

We improve the reliability and safety of your fleets and dramatically reduce operational and maintenance costs through data

Perpetuum is a world-class provider of self-powered, wireless remote condition monitoring systems and has created the next-generation of condition monitored maintenance analytics platform which is transforming the rail industry. In addition, our self-powered, wireless sensors allow you to retrospectively fit equipment and get access to the asset information without impacting your unit availability.

Rail Authorities, Operators, Owners and Maintainers can now minimise downtime and cost, improve asset usage and reliability and improve the safety of rail workers and passengers. The results are real and measurable value through optimised efficiency, improved safety, maximized productivity, increased profitability and customer experience.

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