New UK Headquarters for growing RCM specialists Perpetuum

Perpetuum has moved to new, larger headquarters, located near Southampton, United Kingdom. The new headquarters accommodates Perpetuum’s 76 employees, including its growing teams of talented engineers who are transforming asset management for an ever-increasing number of passenger and freight operators around the world.

The new Headquarters will also provide increased production space for providing the next generation of Perpetuum products and more test facilities to accommodate the growth in sales and the product’s expanding applications.

“As more train operators have chosen Perpetuum’s RCM solution, so our talent pool of experts has grown too,” explains Steve Turley, CEO of Perpetuum. “Our highly-qualified engineering and technical teams develop our uniquely differentiated solutions which enable rail asset managers to see in real time the “in flight” condition of their rolling stock and track hundreds of miles away from their asset.”

Perpetuum’s move to the new Headquarters follows a significant period of growth, driven by the company’s ability to deliver outstanding results for customers who are able to save time in scheduling maintenance when it is required and thus improving the efficiency of their rolling stock.

“We are very excited by the move and what the future holds for Perpetuum,” says Steve. “It marks the next step in our growth and development as a pivotal player in the rail industry.”

Perpetuum releases White Paper to industry

Perpetuum has published a white paper for the rail industry. Track Defect and Wheel Damage: Detection and Location outlines in detail how Perpetuum’s on board remote condition monitoring identifies defect, damage and potential issues quickly and efficiently. It is a real world example of how effective remote condition monitoring solutions are and a snapshot of its ability to help rail operators.

Authored by the technical team at Perpetuum, using a real example, the paper specifically illustrates how vibration provides one of the earliest indication of defects in assets such as bearings on rolling stock. Other parameters such as temperature may only indicate a defect shortly before catastrophic failure. Therefore, vibration-based condition monitoring provides the information required to drive efficient operation, thus reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

To download the Track Defect and Wheel Damage: Detection and Location White Paper visit the download section of the website or click here

Third ScotRail fleet to adopt Perpetuum onboard solution

Perpetuum has announced its award winning remote condition monitoring solution is to be provided by Eversholt Rail to give crucial real-time information on operator Abellio ScotRail’s Class 320 fleet.

This is the third ScotRail fleet to adopt Perpetuum’s condition-based monitoring solution, following the success of its roll out on the C334 and C170 fleets. More than 100 of ScotRail’s trains will now carry Perpetuum’s onboard monitoring solution, improving safety and reliability.

The 22-strong Class 320 fleet will carry 528 Wireless Sensor Nodes, plus the Bearing Health Index and Wheel Health Indexanalytics from Perpetuum. Monitoring the wheelset condition means it is not necessary for ScotRail to undertake a full overhaul, with the associated impact on rolling stock availability.

ScotRail is using the Wheel Health Index to actively manage its wheels on its C334 and C170 fleets. Once the system is rolled out on the Class 320 live data will record all tread damage, however small, which will be transmitted back in real-time to the asset manager.

“Our sensors have now covered over eleven billion healthy miles  and no train has ever failed while in service carrying our solution, so it makes sense for operators to utilise our onboard monitoring across as many fleets as possible,” says Justin Southcombe, Commercial Director.

“Our solution is a cost efficient and extremely safe way to ensure no bearing or wheel health issues are ever missed and has the alert reliability other solutions struggle to match. We are delighted that ScotRail are enthused by the value our solutions offer, expanding its benefits across these three fleets.”

From start up to making the smart bogie a reality: Perpetuum celebrates 15-year anniversary

Perpetuum is celebrating its 15-year anniversary. From its beginnings in 2004 at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom (UK), Perpetuum is now a thriving global business, transforming asset management for rail operators around the world.

Perpetuum’s award winning, self-powered, wireless sensing technology, combined with its vibration engineering expertise and rich analytics, provides real time information that enables the rail industry to optimise railway operations. Today its revolutionary technology is deployed and operational in the UK, Australian, USA, Swedish and Saudi Arabian national passenger rail networks and has launched its solution into the freight sector too.

The company’s story began at the University of Southampton, where innovative energy harvesting technology to power wireless sensors was originally developed. Perpetuum was then launched as a start up, attracting funding and customers, which enabled it to grow customer interest as the benefits of energy harvesters to power sensors for the IoT excited many industrial markets. High volume business then accelerated with the development of complete systems and analytics for on board remote condition monitoring which transformed rail operations for its customers. The company went on to develop the ‘smart bogie’, essentially making ‘in flight’ monitoring a reality.

“We have come a long way in 15 years, and we have never stopped growing, improving and innovating as we continue on our journey,” says Perpetuum’s President, Roy Freeland. “Perpetuum is now a well established and respected player in the rail sector, and with new partnerships and new markets to aim at, we are expanding our reach and influence on the future direction of rail asset management.”

Perpetuum is a member of the Rail Industry Association and Rail Alliance and in 2019 announced its solution is to be utilised by Eversholt Rail to provide crucial real-time information on operator Abellio ScotRail’s Class 320 fleet, the third ScotRail fleet to adopt Perpetuum’s condition-based monitoring solution, following the success of its roll out on the C334 and C170 fleets.

The company also partnered with Direct Rail Services (DRS) to win Innovate UK’s First of a Kind competition, to deliver a project for the Department for Transport (DfT) to monitor the condition of freight locomotives, Perpetuum will also be delivering new projects in Australia, UK, France and the Middle East during the course of 2019.

Perpetuum and Direct Rail Services win Innovate UK’s ‘First of a Kind’ competition

Innovate UK, the United Kingdom’s innovation agency, has selected Perpetuum and Direct Rail Services (DRS) to deliver a project for the Department for Transport (DfT) set to make the UK rail network more efficient, greener and cleaner, as part of its £7.8million ‘First of a Kind’ competition.

Run by Innovate UK and funded by the DfT to support research, development and innovation in the UK rail industry, the “First of a Kind’competition seeks innovative ideas that can be adapted to transform rail travel. Strengthening resilience of railway infrastructure and operations, enhancing rail freight services, and reducing environmental and noise impacts were the themes for this current round.

DRS and Perpetuum will partner to deliver the first UK freight locomotive to have wireless wheelset condition monitoring installed. The ‘in-flight’ condition monitoring solution will mean, for the first time, it will be possible to mitigate in service bearing and wheel failures on any route, independent of location and status of trackside measurement equipment. It is the first installation of a smaller, lighter, energy harvester powered wireless node from Perpetuum, in its first major project with UK freight operators.

Perpetuum’s solution brings significant asset management intelligence and connectivity to the project, while DRS provides a comprehensive range of rail transport and network support services to the UK’s leading freight companies and FTSE 100 businesses.

“We are delighted to have been selected for the project and to partner with DRS,” explains Roy Freeland, President of Perpetuum. “Innovation such as ours can help to solve challenges in the public sector and we look forward to delivering another success story for the Department for Transport and Innovate UK.”

“Direct Rail Services are excited to be partnering Perpetuum in the development and application of their innovative Remote Condition Monitoring equipment and solutions to the rail freight sector,” comments Andy Martlew, Traction and Rolling Stock Development Engineer.

“This round has been the biggest yet and I am excited to see how our funding will bring these ambitious ideas to fruition,” says Andrew Jones, the UK’s Rail Minister.