Perpetuum releases White Paper to industry

Perpetuum has published a white paper for the rail industry. Track Defect and Wheel Damage: Detection and Location outlines in detail how Perpetuum’s on board remote condition monitoring identifies defect, damage and potential issues quickly and efficiently. It is a real world example of how effective remote condition monitoring solutions are and a snapshot of its ability to help rail operators.

Authored by the technical team at Perpetuum, using a real example, the paper specifically illustrates how vibration provides one of the earliest indication of defects in assets such as bearings on rolling stock. Other parameters such as temperature may only indicate a defect shortly before catastrophic failure. Therefore, vibration-based condition monitoring provides the information required to drive efficient operation, thus reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

To download the Track Defect and Wheel Damage: Detection and Location White Paper visit the download section of the website or click here